Journey to Becoming Service Dog


Each of our dogs is specifically selected by our trainer based on certain qualities that they demonstrate during her evaluation. If the puppy passes they become the newest member of our DogsInvests, Inc. family!! Those days are absolutely the best, who doesn't love a brand new puppy? All those puppy kisses, snuggles and adventures are something we always look forward to.  

Once we have the puppy, they may hang out with our staff for awhile, depending on what we have arranged with their puppy raiser. When it's time to go home with their puppy raiser they will get picked up at our facility, along with reviews of the program and requirements and discussing any questions and concerns. Then they get to go check out their new home for the next 12-18 months. If you are interested in puppy raising or would like more information please see our Get Involved page, or send us a message at

The journey to becoming a service dog is a long one, typically 18 months. Each of our pups go through general training for obedience and Canine Good Citizen. They are also required to go through at least 200 hours of training.  We provide specific, individualized training so that they can best accommodate the individual with autism that they are placed with. During this training they will interact and bond with the individual they will be placed with. Our philosophy on this custom, individualized process is based on how autism works. Each person with autism is different than any other person with autism. What each person with autism needs can vary greatly and many people with autism also have other conditions that the service dog may be able to assist with as well.  Training these dogs is definitely not a one size fits all process.

Is a DogsInVests service dog right for me?

  • Has the individual been diagnosed with autism by a licensed health care professional?

  • Is the individual at least 5 years old?

  • Is the individual likely to cause harm to the dog because of their condition?


  • Are you/your family able to take on the additional responsibility and costs of having a dog? 

  • Are you able to attend a two-week training session at DogsInVests before the dog is placed? 

  • Are you able to attend an annual re-certification for the dog and handler? 

Please send us an email if you would like to get more information on getting a service dog.  In your email please include the best phone number for us to reach you at.  We like to call and speak with you about the application process before sending one over.