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Volunteer Puppy Raising Program in Palmyra, WI

Puppy raisers are an integral part of our organization, giving foundational training to each of our dogs. At DogsInVests, we are committed to helping children with autism. We rely on puppy raisers in Wisconsin (like you) to schedule training sessions, socialize with the dogs on a daily basis, and provide a loving temporary home.

Puppy raisers should be prepared to commit to caring for a dog for the full duration of the service animal course (approximately 12 -18 months). If you’re interested in the great rewards that come with puppy raising (puppy love, cuddles, kisses, and wet noses), we’re actively looking for volunteers!

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How Service Dogs Assist Children with Autism

Service dogs are used in a variety of ways. Children with autism may need service dog support for a collection of reasons: 

  • Avoiding self-harming behavior
  • Decreasing frequency and intensity of emotional meltdowns
  • Providing calming support while out in the community or school
  • Breaking down barriers when socialization is a struggle

Puppy Raiser Requirements

Our puppy-raising volunteers need to be committed to the program for 12-18 months. This means taking them to puppy obedience class, daily at-home training to reinforce classwork, and check-in training sessions. The foundations we require our puppy raisers to set are:

  • Volunteer puppy raising in WisconsinBasics

    Potty training, manners, puppy class completion
  • Training support animals for WI childrenSocialize

    Getting the dog out and about, experiencing a lot of different situations
  • Autism support dog training in southeast WICanine Good Citizen

    Course completion
  • WI volunteer organization  - help raise a puppyCare

    Maintainance of health and welfare of the dog

If you are unable to make your volunteer commitment, let us know as soon as possible. This will allow us to obtain a replacement for your spot. If you miss 3 spots, you will not be scheduled again. When you’re committed to volunteering, you’ll enjoy the fun, relaxed, and productive environment at DogsInVests.

Frequently Asked Questions about Puppy Raising

How long will I have the puppy?

Approximately 12-18 months, depending on how quickly the dog passes classes and what specific training they will require. Each dog is specially trained for the individual they will be placed with.

How am I supposed to have a puppy in my life for 12-18 months and give it back?

Yes, we know this is a tough one! We like to remind everyone that the dog will be going on to help a child who can benefit from them and all the assistance that they provide. We also will provide you updates on the pup you raised so you can continue to follow them on their journey. Occasionally we will have reunions for graduates to visit with their puppy raisers at our facility.

What is my time commitment?

We ask that all puppy raisers commit to their dogs for 12-18 months. During this time you will be responsible for taking them to their puppy obedience class (you can choose the time/day offered that works best for you), canine good citizen class (again choosing the time/day offered that works best for you), daily work with the pup to reinforce classwork, and check-in training sessions either at your house, the training facility or our facility to have the dog work one on one with our trainer.

What if I want to go on vacation, or something happens that I need help with the dog?

We have puppy sitters who are able to take your pup while you are away, no need to cancel your beach trip to Jamaica during our frigid Wisconsin February! We are here to help you succeed at being a puppy raiser and will try to accommodate all unexpected circumstances if they should arise.

What if the dog I am raising doesn’t make it as a service dog? Can I keep them?

Some of the dogs will not make it through our program. Some may be able to work as Therapy Dogs and can be placed with an organization or individual who can allow them to succeed in this capacity. Other dogs may need to be placed as family pets, this is handled on a case by case basis at the discretion of DogsInVests, Inc. and its board of directors. While we cannot guarantee you will be able to keep your dog, it may be possible.

Volunteer to Raise a Puppy

Interested in raising a puppy for a child with autism? You’re just one step away from meeting your new roommate! Download the puppy raising application form, fill out your information, and attach your application to the contact form. 

Puppy raisers are hand-picked by the DogsInVests team to ensure our furry friends are going to the right home. Once you submit an application, a DogsInVests representative will review your information and be in contact with you shortly after.

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