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Become a Puppy Patron to a Child with Autism


Want to get more involved? Become a Puppy Patron to a Wisconsin service dog.

Types of Puppy Patrons

The Big Dog - $25,000

Covers all costs for the service dog from the time of adoption until placement with their recipient. This includes two years of custom training, veterinary care, food and training treats, and a puppy raiser pack.


The Good Dog - $17,000

Covers all training costs from Puppy Obedience to Canine Good Citizen to Custom Service Commands.


The Graduate Dog - $11,000

Covers the cost of training during the second year for customized service commands with their recipient.


The CGC Dog - $5,000

Covers the first year of training for the dog preparing for the Canine Good Citizen Exam.


The Healthy Dog - $2,500

Covers costs for all veterinary care from the time of adoption to placement with their recipient.


The Playful Pup - $2,000

Covers the cost of purchasing a puppy from a reputable breeder.


The Hungry Dog - $1,500

Covers food and training treats from the time of adoption to placement with the recipient. 

How Puppy Patrons Make a Difference 

Provide food and veterinary care 


Fund training and certifications


Support the journey of a service dog becoming a life-changing companion

Special Thanks to Our Current Puppy Patrons 

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