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Apply for an autism support dog in southeast WI

Apply for an Autism Service Dog

Autism is a challenging, protected disability that affects every individual and family differently. Our service dogs are specially trained to help children with autism maneuver difficulties they may be experiencing in everyday life.

Apply for a Service Dog 

Autism service dogs for children in southeast WI

Get a Service Dog Requirements

Service dogs for autism are very high in demand in Wisconsin. Because of this, we make sure we pair our highly trained service dogs with only the best candidates possible. In order to qualify for a service dog you must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Autism support charity for southeast WI families Must be diagnosed with autism by a licensed healthcare professional
  • Support dogs for children with autism The recipient must be 5 years of age or older
  • Apply for an autism service dog in WI Parent or guardian must be confident the child will not cause harm to the dogs
  • Trained emotional support dogs for children with autism Recipients must attend a weekly training session at our facility in Palmyra for approximately 12 months before graduation.
  • Autism support dog certification Recipients must be able to attend annual recertification for the dog and handler.

If you believe you or your child would benefit from a furry companion, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Trained Service Dogs

The Wisconsin Legislative Council considers service animals distinct from emotional support animals, granting stronger protections for service animals that provide a utility to their owners. All our service dogs are professionally trained in de-escalation and redirection techniques. They’re also able to recognize when a child is overwhelmed, overstimulated, or displaying harmful or repetitive behaviors.

Dynamic Training Program

When a child is selected to receive a service dog, they’ll have the opportunity to attend our dynamic training program. This program includes the child, their family, and one of our service dogs. Throughout this program, children and dogs will evolve from training partners to trusted companions that’ll live and grow side by side.

Apply for a Service Dog

If you, your child, or someone you know is in need of a service dog to assist with the daily struggles of autism, please don’t hesitate to apply for a DogsInVests service dog. 

Service dogs are in high demand, so please review our adoption requirements before submitting your application. To apply, just provide us with your information on our simple application form -  a DogsInVests representative will be in contact with you in regards to when a dog will be available for you. You can help us keep up with demand by donating to our cause today!

Autism support dogs for southeast WI children

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