Meet Buddy!


Hello everyone!

My name is Buddy. I am DogsInVests second service dog in training. I joined DogsInVests in September of 2019. I live with my puppy raisers Bob and Amanda. They love to take me on adventures and I love spending time with them. 


When I first started my training at DogsInVests, Bob had me focus on my basic puppy training. I was learning things like potty training as well as the basic commands of leave it and touch. 


Now that I'm further along in my training, I’ve completed my puppy training class and my Canine Good Citizen. My next goal of training is to pass my Urban Public Access Test which will happen right before my graduation from DogsInVests. Currently, I attend weekly training classes held at the DogsInVests facility. Everyone calls me The World’s Most Trainable Dog. I think it's because I’m such a good listener. 


My favorite part of being a DogInVests service dog trainee is that I get to work with Maya. Maya is the recipient I will go to when I graduate. Maya has autism as well as some other health conditions. I’m very excited to assist Maya in the future and spend forever being her best friend.


Puppy Raiser: Bob & Amanda W.