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Autism support dogs Milwaukee

Apply For Autism Service Dogs Near Milwaukee

Our trained support dogs are ready to become part of your Milwaukee home. They’re dedicated family members in waiting, fully prepared to connect with your autistic child or young adult. Experience the indescribable joy of relieving the barriers presented by your child’s autism.

We’re headquartered in Palmyra, just about an hour from Milwaukee. You’re a single phone call or email away from beginning a new chapter in your child’s life. Contact DogsInVests to learn more about our Milwaukee-area service program.

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Autism support dogs near Milwaukee

Apply for a service dog in Milwaukee

Apply for an autism support dog for your child or young adult in Milwaukee today. The comfort and support our animals provide are unparalleled – it’s a wordless, gentle love that bridges the gap to the outside world. A support dog’s simple presence empowers young people on the spectrum to thrive in situations that might otherwise feel insurmountable.

We train the dogs, and you bring them into your household.

If you believe your child and family would benefit from DogsInVests, don’t hesitate to contact us today. It’s our sole mission to uplift and support the children and families of southeastern Wisconsin, including Milwaukee.

To qualify, you must:

  • Autism support charity for southeast WI families Be diagnosed with autism by a licensed healthcare professional
  • Support dogs for children with autism Be 5 years of age or older
  • Apply for an autism service dog in WI Be confident the child will not cause harm to the dog
  • Trained emotional support dogs for children with autism Attend a weekly training session at our Palmyra facility for 12 months prior
  • Autism support dog certificationAttend annual recertification for the dog and handler

Apply For A Dog

Nonprofit volunteer opportunities in Milwaukee

Are you a dog lover in Milwaukee with a mind for volunteer work? If so, DogsInVests has the perfect opportunity. Become a puppy trainer and spend about a year with the dog. You’ll provide an integral role in preparing the animal for a life dedicated to helping kids and young adults with autism.

We hand-pick volunteers to ensure our puppies are going to a good trainer. Prospective volunteers within an hour of our Palmyra, WI headquarters are encouraged to apply (Milwaukee included) – that way, we can easily conduct in-person meetings to verify the dog’s training remains on steady ground.

We’re actively recruiting volunteers! Learn more and apply to be a puppy raiser today.

Milwaukee charitable donations

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the goodwill of others. We have several great options for Milwaukee residents to support our mission: Improving the lives of autistic children, young adults, and their families. We provide support dogs at no cost to the recipient families, and your assistance goes towards food, training, medical bills, and more. Our work requires a lot of resources, and your help makes it all possible. Financial donations are always tax-deductible.

Choose from:

Donate dog food & puppies near Milwaukee

Donate dogs and puppies in Milwaukee

If you have a bright, gentle puppy or dog in Milwaukee, it may be a great candidate for our training program. Keep pets out of animal shelters or households ill-equipped to raise a happy, healthy animal. Rest assured knowing your dog will be in good hands – our trainers and recipient families are hand-picked to ensure the dog’s wellbeing is always front-and-center.

Donate dog food and supplies in Milwaukee

Items like dog food, treats, toys, and dog beds in Milwaukee are always in high demand. We will gladly accept your donations today. As always, any form of donation you make to DogsInVests is tax-deductible.

Check out our supplies donation page to learn more about supporting our mission. Your help will reverberate throughout Milwaukee and southeastern WI.

Contact us today or learn more about the donation process.

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