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Winter Pupdate 2021

Finished the year on a high note...

Although 2020 was a challenging year it ended well for DogsInVests. Our year-end campaigns finished strong. Due to your generosity, our Year End Puppy Care Fund, Giving Tuesday, and our Matching Fund Campaigns collectively raised over $100,000. We are truly grateful for all the support we have received from our family, friends and the community. Your donations directly impact DogsInVests’ ability to continue its mission of providing these wonderful service dogs to children and young adults with autism.

Celebrating Birthdays...

January 2021 was a special month for our pretty sisters Daisy and Evie. Our puppy girls became big dogs celebrating their first birthday on January 4th. They have both come a long way in their first year. They passed their puppy class and continue to hone their obedience skills. Daisy is getting ready to take her Canine Good Citizen Exam and Evie is working hard on her skills in public as she attends work at the bank with her puppy raiser Jody.


Birthday girls Evie & Daisy
Fred & George work hard in puppy training classes

Growing Like Crazy...

Fred and George joined the DogsInVests team back in September. The brothers are doing well. They have wonderful, playful personalities and work very hard in class. They are nearly as big as Daisy and Evie and show no signs of slowing down with their growth. They are going to be very big boys.

Come Out And Show Your Support...

During Autism Awareness Month in April, Mounds Pet Food Warehouse is holding an item donation drive for DogsInVests April 5-11. We provided them a wish list of some of our pups’ favorite items. While shopping for your pet at Mounds, consider donating an item on our wish list. DogsInVests will also be making a couple of in-store appearances with our dogs. Watch our website and our Facebook page for more details or go to the link below for more details and our wish list on the Mounds website.


Just a quick reminder, please continue to support our ongoing fundraiser with Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters.

Into The Future...

Many thanks for helping us to have an exceptional year here at DogsInVests. We have some wonderful, deserving families waiting for their perfect companions. The dogs continue to delight and amaze us with their skills. We are hopeful for what 2021 will bring and are looking forward to getting out in the community more to share our mission. Please continue to visit our website and follow and like us on Facebook. Trying to go paperless? Sign up on our website to receive emails.

Support our pups at our donation drive

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