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Springing Through the Revolving Door

We mark a big milestone at DogsInVests, Inc. with Ace’s first birthday on May 19th.  It has been exciting to watch Ace’s development these past six months from puppy to dog.  He has been working hard with his training and we continue to expose him to various elements in society that he will have to contend with as a service dog.  The most challenging in Ace’s mind so far, the dreaded revolving door.  Ace decided to approach this nemesis by taking his body as low to the ground as possible.  After some initial apprehension and coaxing he was able to complete the task, albeit very low to the ground. He was quite proud of his accomplishment as were a couple of bystanders. We’ve also exposed him to elevators and escalators.  He gains new confidence with each completed task.

Service dogs keeping children happy & calm

Ace is being trained to be paired with a child with autism and Downs Syndrome.  Ace and his child have been introduced to begin the bonding process and training.  Ace’s child is mainly nonverbal but it was great to see how quickly he learned and began calling Ace’s name to get his attention.  We are teaching Ace hand signals to facilitate the communication between the two of them.  The child’s face lights up when he is able to complete a task with Ace and gives him a sense of pride and accomplishment.  We are also working with the family on training techniques and determining various behaviors that will be helpful for Ace to learn.  His biggest role will be to keep his child safe and calm.  He will also be there to provide companionship, teach responsibility and empathy and instill confidence in his child.  Having a reliable friend and companion also helps a child with autism with social interaction and communication.  We all look forward to helping this new bond grow and offering a life changing addition to the family.

We continue our efforts to raise awareness about our organization and the impact it has on a child’s life. I encourage you to like and follow us on Facebook and visit our website for the most current information. Please check out the Shop section of our website for some great items for your furry friends.

Thanks for your support.

- Michelle

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