Meet Cleopatra!

Hi everyone!

My name is Cleopatra but you can call me Cleo. I am the third service dog in training at DogsInVests.  I was born in August of 2019 but didn't become a member of DogsInVests until November. I’m a rescue from the Eau Claire area.


What makes me unique is that unlike Ace and Buddy who are American Bench Labradors, I am a field lab. This means I am more petite and much more spunky. Some of the staff say I love too much which I think is a good thing.


My puppy raisers are Barb and Jim. I adore them. We spend lots of time together working on my training. My training at DogsInVests started with basic puppy training. I learned a lot of basic commands such as leave it, stay and free.


Moving along in my training, I have now completed my puppy training class and my Canine Good Citizen. I regularly attend training at the DogsInVests facility every week with the other dogs in training. I have been able to learn so much since I became a DogsInVests service dog trainee. 


I love being a part of my new family and I can't wait to learn more and make a difference in someone’s life.


Puppy Raiser: Barb F.

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DogsInVests mission is to improve the quality of life through the training and matching of service dogs with young adults and children with autism. If you are interesting in volunteering with us please contact us at or at (262)495-2766.

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